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VK Publishing


Now YOU Can supercharge your PC like an Insider would, without
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Every revealing strategy, method, secret, resource,
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Here's what you'll find in this amazing package...

How to boost your system!

When your computer runs out of RAM, it starts to use a feature called "virtual memory", I will show you how to optimize and tweak these virtual memory settings so you gain greatly improved system performance.

"My number 1 pick"
Works marvelously! It really improved my PC's performance. If you are a gamer, this is a must-have. - Anonymous

"It certainly helped my performance."
My computer ran much smoother than it did previously. I work a lot with PhotoShop, which eats up my ram quickly ... With Windows' infamous "memory leak," I usually found myself having to reboot to get my memory freed up. I no longer have to do that. I must say, it's nice. :) - Michael Tussey

How to boost your RAM

Learn how you can instantly recover the RAM Windows steals from your computer, this will make your computer faster, much more reliable and also eliminate the need to reboot when your Computer slows down.

"Certainly a MUST have for Windows"
After using this program the first time, I could notice a HUGE difference.  The absolute easiest to use and most effective program out there! - Jason P. Laskowski

I got this and BAM I couldn't believe it, I had RAM AGAIN. Before burning with my cd writer wouldn't work at 8X and I had to burn at 4X because no RAM was available. Now I can burn at 8X AND have other things going - Burnice Drywater

How to boost your modem

Learn how you can boost your modem, LAN, or cable connection speed to make your Internet access up to five times faster. This works by simply modifying the number of settings in the Microsoft TCP/IP stack to give you the fastest way to access the Internet.

"This is a must have"
It increased my connection speed but what I'm most impressed with is my browsing speed. I can access web sites as fast as an isdn line, I highly recommend this product. - diver10_2000@******.com

"boost my download speed by 10x"
I use a cable modem and my file downloads were only around 5kb, but with this they are around 30kb. My web pages go quicker also. All you have to do is answer one question and BHAM! Incredible speeds. - Jason Hanson

How to boost your downloads

This report shows you that by splitting files into parts or segments and downloading them simultaneously, the downloading speed increases from 100% to 500%.

"Not Just Hype....This One Delivers"
This program has become a necessary tool for me. Before My connection was 2.8 Kbs and now I get download speeds of 5 kbs with this software. That can make a difference of hours on some downloads. Gotta have this one! - Anonymous

"Great app"
This app is very useful for downloading large files of any kind, since it maximizes your connection's throughput, and in most cases allows downloads to pick up where they left off if you're disconnected for any reason. Even if you have a slow connection, you should see a significant improvement in your download times. And if you're on a fast connection ... LOOK OUT! Nice integration with your browser, too, with a right-click you can select "Download". Very configurable, and it tells you which downloads will resume if you lose your connection. - Rick Mckay

Stop your PC from Crashing!

How you can instantly stop Windows from either Crashing or getting 'Illegal Operations'. 

"WOW! this program works!!"
I have been using this program for a week and it has been doing wonders since then, not even Norton CrashGuard can do so well. - Mike Johnston

"GET IT!!"
Truly an exceptional program, finally something that will make Windows run better than Microsoft ever could. Microsoft should take notes from this program. It's a shame when you need a third party program to stabilize your OS, but that's exactly what this program does. If a program does freeze it usually fixes it before you ever were aware of the problem. My pc used to crash every 20 min, after installing this program I have yet to see a blue screen of death. Truly an exceptional program, if you don't have it and you are running Windows, then it is a must have.- Comp Sys Admin

"Great Job..."
I used to get the message that "This program has created an Illegal operation and will be shut down", up to as many times as a dozen per week or more, but not anymore.. - Anonymous

How to never get disconnected!

Learn how to keep your Internet connection alive by automatically sending packets of data down the line every 120 seconds and how to get your PC to recognize disconnect dialog boxes to force a reconnect.

"Works very well for me! Love it!"
It's tough to find something that works well with AOL all the time but this seems to do the trick .... I can walk away, take a shower, clean the house and come back to my AOL still active. To me, that's wonderful! - Sandy V

"Two Thumbs Up..great product!"
This product is fantastic. There's nothing like it. Every 120 seconds the thing sends a packet. Its awesome. I can go to school, come home and have downloaded 4-6 songs off Napster and I am still connected so I don't have to worry. It's great! - Matt Ritter

How to get the fastest net connection!

Learn how to get your PC to search the entire world to find the fastest connection route available for your downloads, This will increase your download speed from anything between 50% to 400%. Also if you lose your connection for ANY reason, learn how to get your PC to automatically carry on the download from where it left off!

"couldn't do without it"
I always use this to download any file over 5mb. When you're on a 56.6k modem connection you never know when your connection will drop and the majority of the time your not going to get all of that 5mb file you want so with this you don't really have to worry about a drop. just start back where you left off at - Stephen Marcum

"you need this if you use a 56k modem"
I never want to use anything else! You can resume all downloads even if you lose connection. I average speeds of 4.7 to 9.8K With a 56k modem. Don't pass this program up. It will cut your downloads in half!!! - Anonymous

Clean out your hard drive!

Learn how you can clean hundreds or thousands of unwanted garbage files from your hard disk and system registry just taking up precious space. 

"It does what it claims to do"
Clean disk appears to be a good program to clean all those unwanted files just taking up space. The registry cleaner is more effective than I thought. It hasn't disturbed any of my good files. - Wiseguy

I would not be without this great program. thanks - Haystack

Plus Much Much More...

If you're a PC newcomer, some of the following may sound a little complicated, but you don't necessarily have to understand all of it, You just have to understand that it will dramatically speed up and optimize your PC, I have developed a unique and easy  way of  implementing all of the below on your computer within about 5 minutes (even for a beginner) :

   Automatically regain memory when a program/application is closed

Increase your Hard disk speed, making programs load up much quicker

Enable a Faster CPU performance rate

Enable optimal CD-ROM/DVD speed

Enable fast 'start menu' performance

Enable optimal memory performance.

Disable the animations used by Windows, while graphically impressive, they just slow down you PC!

Speed up the opening and closing of programs

Achieve maximum file system performance.

Optimize windows Swap file for best performance.

Optimize your Hardware L2 Cache for maximum usage and performance

Compress and optimize the windows Registry on startup

Enable a faster method of file transfer.

Change the Windows default power features to be more effective.

Smooth out the edges of fonts in Windows, making them look better.

Change the way Windows handles Icons more effectively.

Delete all entries in your recent documents folder on Logoff.

Change the default Windows minimum time slice so it's faster.

Change the Swap file settings to be faster and more effective.

Optimize your keyboard and Mouse settings 

Optimize and speed up MS Office

Fix security problems

Enable advanced Sack options.

Optimize the NDI Cache.

Cool down your CPU to prevent it from overheating and help it run faster and more efficiently.

Enable optimal PCI/AGP Concurrences.

Enable 24bit color for desktop Icons.

Enable optimal file system speed through optimal disk caching and read-ahead.

How to force Windows to remove any used DLLs from previously used programs

Change the way Windows handles the VMM map cache setting.

...Also Optimize and speed up the following programs: 

Microsoft Word

Internet Explorer

Window Media Player

Microsoft Windows

MS paint

MS Office


Outlook Express


Disk clean up

Everything you read above, will only have to be done ONCE and ONCE only, from then on your PC will be FULLY optimized with your new speed tweaks! 

Unique User name and password

As well as this amazing package I will grant you a special user name and password to gain access to my personal server where you will be granted all of the latest software, programs and updates required for full PC Manipulation, these are NOT demo's or trial version's, these are FULL fully functional software applications and I will let you gain Free access to them INSTANTLY!

Compatible with ALL versions of Windows 

Here are just a few more comments from people who have used my package!

Hi Daniel,
I followed your write up and made all the easy changes you recommended. I have used the system 3 days and everything is working great. My PC has more then double it's speed. Blink of my eyes and the Net displays. I have three web sites which were slow loading, now snap your finger and they are loaded, Thank you. 

Jack Leiby


Friends call me a born sceptic, I had doubts that the results would be significant enough to be perceptible.  Wow!  Was I wrong!  My 333 Mhz AMD K6-2 has shed its tortoise shell and is literally smoking, more like a cheetah than the proverbial hare!  Thanks,  I just wish I had a website, so I could help spread the word!

J L Merrill


Your program is the best thing we ever did for our system.  We recommend your program to all of our friends.  Thank you for taking the time and trouble to make this available to the general public.  Please let us know when you have newer versions available.

Barry & Wanda Hurst


I have used your software and couldn't be more amazed at the fact how much more efficient my pc has become. One hears the stories but when you become part of it, it is truly amazing.

I want to thank you for your hard work making our lives much easier.


Thank you for help,
Mark Antczak


Being a private computer technician / consultant for the last 10+ years, I have gotten to see many computers in various states of disarray and come to learn one thing...Most people want a simple fix that does not require them to do much and requires them to learn even less...they just want to get back to work...with this Daniel, you have definitely accomplished.

Many of the changes that can be made with your list of "secrets" I would never have known how to do, nor would I have had the time to learn them.  I feel my time was well spent and I am very much looking forward to word of your next version.

Finally, the added "Bonus" of how to get virtually any software free turns out to be something I have found very "entertaining" for years now.  Well done with that addition!



Elias Ralston
Custom Computing

..Everything works great!  Thank you very much for all of the advice. I've really noticed a difference in my computer speed, especially on the internet.  Thanks again!


Denise Hilman

.... And the list goes on and on, but I'm sure you get the general idea!

As you can see, "Insider pc secrets" is not your ordinary package. It was designed for newcomers and professional PC users alike.

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